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Franke W – Closer to you (Pixie Lott – Lay me down)

Show me the way
I done travelled to far
With a cross on my back
And a hole in my heart..

Now you say
There’s no love to be found
Went six feet down
And I thought that made me closer to you

Closer to you…


Borche Blasko Simon Milan – Home (Borche Deep House Mix)

In case that the mini player doesn’t function(settings were modified by the “Dropbox Inc.”), just click the green link above for listening to the song 😉 it physical ?
either way i’m (?gonna taste it both sides?)
magical.. yeah that’s for sure
do you crave me in the same way i do
i just wanna know how you feel about it
tell me with you eyes closed
i just wanna tell you that i can’t live without you
baby, can you come home(3x)

you know that your heart belongs to me
so, baby please come home

in my mind i can see it’s getting comfortable
baby i just gotta know
do you see yourself getting comfortable with me too
at first i just wanna get to know you intellectual
(?say?) baby yeah..
you don’t got to show that you worth it all
i already know, baby
i just wanna show you that i still think about you
baby won’t you come home(4x)

baby can you come home(3x)

(2x)so let me kiss your lips slow…
(so let me kiss your lips slow)
i can taste your soul…
(so i can taste your soul)
and baby won’t you come home !

baby can you come home..