Borche x Blasko x Simon Milan – Home (Borche Deep House Mix)

Posted: 5 February 2016 in Vocal deep house
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Borche Blasko Simon Milan – Home (Borche Deep House Mix)

In case that the mini player doesn’t function(settings were modified by the “Dropbox Inc.”), just click the green link above for listening to the song πŸ˜‰ it physical ?
either way i’m (?gonna taste it both sides?)
magical.. yeah that’s for sure
do you crave me in the same way i do
i just wanna know how you feel about it
tell me with you eyes closed
i just wanna tell you that i can’t live without you
baby, can you come home(3x)

you know that your heart belongs to me
so, baby please come home

in my mind i can see it’s getting comfortable
baby i just gotta know
do you see yourself getting comfortable with me too
at first i just wanna get to know you intellectual
(?say?) baby yeah..
you don’t got to show that you worth it all
i already know, baby
i just wanna show you that i still think about you
baby won’t you come home(4x)

baby can you come home(3x)

(2x)so let me kiss your lips slow…
(so let me kiss your lips slow)
i can taste your soul…
(so i can taste your soul)
and baby won’t you come home !

baby can you come home..


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